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SDSN Youth is a network of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, dedicated to empowering and engaging youth in the 2030 Agenda and in the implementation of the SDGs. Launched in 2015, SDSN-Y encourages young people to prioritize the SDGs, while creating a global platform to advocate for change and formulate solutions and pathways for achieving the SDGs. Some of their recent activities, campaigns and initiatives include the #KnowYourGoals campaign, the Global Arts initiative and the Youth Action Mapper. All three aim to serve the SDSN-Y mission: “Empowering youth globally to create sustainable solutions”.

SDSN-Y’s objectives and activities are designed to complement the efforts of existing organizations working towards sustainable development. Furthermore, the youth work alongside policymakers and receive assistance and mentorship from experts in all of their efforts. The global reach of SDSN, with its strong links to universities around the world, provides a unique opportunity for the effective involvement of youth and SDSN Y is the proof.

To learn more about SDSN Y and to connect with them, please visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and like them on Facebook. You can also send any questions that you might have to To stay informed about this and other SDSN initiatives, please sign up below.

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